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This 275-slide presentation systematically discusses the three major subjects of the fourth century: Constantine, The Council of Nicaea and the development of the Christian Canon. Beginning with how churches responded to persecution from the Roman Empire, we show how Constantine influenced the history of Christianity as well as what happened at the Council of Nicaea and why it matters. Finally, we discuss what councils facilitated the canonization of Scripture and how the church recognized which books were inspired.

Constantine, Council of Nicaea, and the Christian Canon

  • This presentation takes an in-depth look at the following areas:

    I.Introduction To The Early Teachers of the Church

    II.Rome & Christian Persecution

    III.Constantine: From Persecuted To Preferred

    IV.The Donatist Controversy

    V.Theological Controversies: A Look at Early Heresies

    VI.The Paschal Controversy

    VII.Council Of Nicaea

    VIII.The Christian Canon

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